Outfit Tips for your Groom on the big day

Most people tend to focus on the bride on the wedding day and think that the grooms have it a lot easier when it comes to dressing themselves, but that could not be further from the truth!

Grooms outfits have got cut, colour, sizing and style to take into account as well as to try and match what the bride is wearing as much as possible.

These tips will hopefully help you and your groom decide on his outfit for your big day that little bit easier.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about grooms attire is probably suits. Baggy legged suits used to be all the fashion years ago but nowadays skinny fit suits are more fashionable.

Fit really matters, so depending on your groom’s size will depend on which one of those suit him better.

If you have a larger budget, spending money on a brand-new suit is an option but otherwise you can always rent a suit for the occasion if you are worried about budget.


When it comes to ties, you can either choose a regular tie or a bowtie depending on your groom’s preferences. If he would like a more extravagant addition to his outfit, to showcase his personality a bit then bright colours or patterned ties are available.

It is a good idea to have a tie that will match the weddings colour scheme, this means that the grooms outfit will compliment the colourings in the room and will look a lot more coordinated.


If your groom wants to show his individual personality or style on the big day in every way he can, then purchasing a really nice pair of designer socks is a great option to do so.

At The London Sock Company, they have a wedding sock service where their team of wedding experts are there to help him decide exactly which pair to choose for the big day.

They also offer an embroidery service if he wants to personalise the socks and keep them as a momento of your wedding day. He could get both your names embroidered, the date or anything he wants.


If you are Scottish or your groom just fancies wearing a kilt instead of a suit, then it is a good idea to make sure you are 100% confident with this choice.

It is best for you and you groom not to purchase a kilt online if he has not worn one before, and instead go into a reputable kilt shop such as The Kilt Store based in Edinburgh. This will allow your groom to seek advice on exactly which kilt he should get and let him try it on and make a final decision.


Hopefully these tips have been helpful in deciding what things you and your husband-to-be had to consider about his grooms outfit and will help make sure his outfit is carefully coordinated to compliment you and your wedding gown.

Alternative Bride Style Tips

A lot of weddings are traditional, set in a church with friends and family of the bride and groom in attendance. It is a regimented affair where the groom tends to wear a suit and the bride is dressed in a long flowy white wedding dress.

It is okay to want to go against this structure, if you want a wedding that is a little more you and personalised then that is great.

This article will give tips on how to achieve a more alternative bridal style.

The Dress

The dress can be the single most important aspect for a lot of women on their wedding today. Wedding dresses traditionally are white gowns, varying in materials and tone.

If you are the type of girl who is not that interested in this traditional image of a wedding dress, there are plenty of websites online which sell alternative wedding dresses. Such as an article by MarieClare, which shows a range of dresses which have added glitter or sparkle on a white dress all the way to completely bold colours and unique wedding dress designs.

Just find what dress works for you and your wedding.

The Ring

The wedding ring given during the ceremony, or the engagement ring which starts off the whole wedding process is an important symbol of marriage that people tend to wear throughout their married lives.

Traditionally engagement rings tend to be a silver ring with a white diamond, and the wedding ring is a plain gold or silver band. If you would rather a less traditional wedding or engagement ring, Offbeat Bride is a website which has a whole section dedicated to rings for alternative brides and weddings. Their rings are all ethically sourced.


Rings are the traditional way of commemorating your big day, an alternative and trending way of having something with your significant other as a momento of your wedding day is to get matching tattoos.

Although this is a more permanent way than a more traditional wedding ring, it is something that a lot of couples are choosing to do.

It is a good idea to get something both you and your spouse are happy with by doing some research.

It is also a great idea to find the correct tattoo parlour by doing some online research and finding a reputable studio such as Tribe Tattoo based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Hopefully this article was useful to you and gave you some inspiration on how to make your wedding day a little more unique and personalised to you and your significant other.


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