Wedding week: the Do & Don’t for a perfect makeup on your special day

Your beauty routine may be the very last thing you think about when planning a wedding – what with the whole guests-venue-catering-transports-where-will-grandma-sit chaos. It is so important though. All eyes will be on you, and don’t forget, wedding photos are for life. So, here are our beauty tips to look perfect from the walk down the aisle to the drunken dancing. Continue reading “Wedding week: the Do & Don’t for a perfect makeup on your special day”

How to make your make-up perfect in 5 minutes

Nowadays our frenetic lifestyle does not give us the proper time to care about our make-up long enough. We know that a well-dome make-up is essential for our peace of mind (and lips), essential to make us feel better and beautiful and highligh our strenghts (and hide our weaknesses). Sometimes we tend to forget about what makes us feel better and just focus on how to solve our ¬†problems as fast as possible. Continue reading “How to make your make-up perfect in 5 minutes”

5 ways to stop torturing your nails!

Despite what people usually think, nail biting is not just due to nervousness and stress ( relationship problems, exams, economical problems or work), cravings and negligence. This bad habit can depend from a childhood or familiar trauma, mistreatments, jealousy, umiliations and self-esteem problems. In this case, unfortunately, the problem can last for many years. You should start understanding why you started and what’s the cause to solve the problem once and for all. Continue reading “5 ways to stop torturing your nails!”

Bob haircut, the evergreen hairstyle!

It is never out of fashion. It can evolve, change, bu updated, but the bob haircut is one of the mos appreciated evergreens of all times.

The bob cut (or carr√®) is a shor haircut, where hair is cut to the height of the ears. It was created in Paris in 1909 by the hairdresser Antoine, inspired by Luana Cowley, a famous actress of those times. Before the end of the first world war it became popular in Europe and the United States. Continue reading “Bob haircut, the evergreen hairstyle!”