The Top Destinations Perfect for a Hen Do in Europe and the UK!

Whether you’re on the hunt for ultimate relaxation or looking to party the night away, you should definitely be able to celebrate in style!

With 2019 right around the corner, more women are gearing up to celebrate the perfect hen do weekend.  With a plethora of fantastic destinations that are perfect all year round, including sunny escapes, tranquil hideouts and brilliant city breaks that should all be at the top of your list, we’re here to tell you some of our favourite destinations.


While Budapest is more traditionally associated as a stag do destination, we’re sure that any hen’s will immediately fall in love with what this spectacular city has to offer.  With relaxing spas, thermal baths, delicious delicacies and more, you will quickly soak up all the wonderful culture available in this European city.  The sweeping views and chic feel of this city is bound to draw more and more crowds with each passing year.


Barcelona is the perfect summer hen do destination.  This incredibly scenic city is a perfect choice for any culture lovers.  This vibrant city is famed for its quirky arts, exceptional architecture and delectable culinary scene.  As well as offering a tonne of cultural activities, this special city also boasts its own beach and a stellar nightlife scene.


Dublin is a popular destination for both stag and hen goers, and it’s easy to see why!  With a range of phenomenal bars, chock full of live music and traditional Irish folk tunes you will easily lap up the infamous Irish hospitality.

With the perfect mix of excellent restaurants and chic cocktail bars, you will definitely fin the perfect hen-do destination here.  Make sure to check out Badbobs if you are looking to indulge in some tempting tipples. The VIP bar and lounge area of this famous establishment is an ideal place to relax and celebrate with friends.


The UK boasts some of the best hen-do destinations, with plenty of city breaks on offer. This fantastic selection of city stays all offer incredible views.  Just think, Edinburgh is the perfect place to enjoy famous landmarks between painting the town red!

Why not book yourself onto an interactive cocktail class, where you and up to fifty of your friends can learn to make the most moreish cocktails available in Edinburgh!

With so many spectacular destinations to pick and choose from, which one will you choose?

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