Long & Maxi Dresses- night and day for this summer 2017

Floral and romantic, casual and essential or seductive with their transparencies: let’s find out all of the coolest long dresses of the season and how to wear them night and day!

Elegant, sophisticated and precious. Sometimes casual and essential. Long and Maxi dresses for this spring-summer 2017 are full of intense colours, floreal and geometric prints, boho-chic and can be seductive with lace and transparencies, with their see-through effect.

But is there a right way to ewar them? Let’s start saying that we need to make a distinction: there are some long-dresses more comfortable and easy- maybe in printed cotton or using coloured and lively prints- you can use this kind of dresses during the day without problems, expecially during the summer season. There are also more sophisticated and elegant versions- enriched by deep and sensual cleavages and precious appliques- destined to special occasions and ceremonies.

if we are talking about combinations, during the day you can be free and walk with low shoes, casual denim jackets and etno-chic details, while during the evening you can have fun with sparkling pochettes, sandals with pointed heels and sparkling jewels.

Here’s our gallery to choose the long dress that suits you the best.


Long cotton muslin and silk printed  dress with , lavalliere (MARELLA)

Chemisier pure blue flax dress with a flared line on the bottom (PENNYBLACK)

Long rippled fabric dress, powder pink with drapery  (H&M)

Long dress with perforated machining all over (UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON)

Long black lace dress with nude background (ELENA MIRO’)

Long cotton muslin dress and floreal print  (MAX&CO)

Silk dress with floreal print and volant (MANGO)

Long dress with multicoloured print (FRACOMINA)

Long empire style dress with floreal print  (CAMOMILLA)

Long color block pink and fuxia dress  (LIU JO)


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