5 ways to stop torturing your nails!

Despite what people usually think, nail biting is not just due to nervousness and stress ( relationship problems, exams, economical problems or work), cravings and negligence. This bad habit can depend from a childhood or familiar trauma, mistreatments, jealousy, umiliations and self-esteem problems. In this case, unfortunately, the problem can last for many years. You should start understanding why you started and what’s the cause to solve the problem once and for all.

In the meantime, try these simple remedies:

-Nail Plasters


When you’re home, put some plasters on your nails and change them everytime they get wet. The idea is to prevent yourself from putting your nails always in your mouth.


  • Use Gloves

If you love gloves, then use them! It is a good way to avoid onychophagy. Well, it is easier during winter, but you can buy some silk or cotton gloves and use them for every occasion (and feel like you’re hiding some incredible power like Elsa in Frozen) 

– Use gel and tips

Use tips and gel: they are gonna make you show off a trendy nail art and save your nails from your mouth! ALso, all the money spent for the manicure will make you think twice before biting your nails.

– Try Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a particoular plant with thousend of different uses indispensable for our welfare, but it tastes really bad. Take one leaf and then rub it on your nails: after trying it’s bitter taste you won’t feel the need of touching your nails ever again….like, NEVER EVER AGAIN!

-Use roots and other snacks

Instead of biting your nails, try with something else like licorice’s roots. It is important to start keeping this kind of “snack” always with you, expecially in strsssful moments: maybe they won’t help your nervousness but they’ll certainly save your nails.


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