Bob haircut, the evergreen hairstyle!

It is never out of fashion. It can evolve, change, bu updated, but the bob haircut is one of the mos appreciated evergreens of all times.

The bob cut (or carrè) is a shor haircut, where hair is cut to the height of the ears. It was created in Paris in 1909 by the hairdresser Antoine, inspired by Luana Cowley, a famous actress of those times. Before the end of the first world war it became popular in Europe and the United States.

Nowadays there are several kinds of bob cut – scaled, asymmetrical, wavy, with fringe, staight – and the hiarcut is not just for short hair anymore, but can be used for medium length too.


-Long Bob

Not to short nor too long, this haircut is very versatile and can be adapted to any face shape and style. Plus, it can be used in several ways – using waves, playing with hair length, increasing the volune- to keep it original and make it reflect your own personality.

It is also a good solution for people who want to change but are not ready to drastically cut their long hair and change their look.

The bob cut usually falls between the chin and the clavicle, but can be changed based on different face shapes and hair structure, fron the thinner to the thickest.


-Scaled Bob

Like I said before, the short bob is ideal for people with hair without volume and thin. Dynamic and gritty, it is the perfect choice for whoever wants a medium cut practical and simple, but not too classy.

This kind of bob guarantees more personality: scaling and asymmetries allow movement and make your hairstyle original and fashionable. It is very trendy it one side is longer than the other one.

Curly hair bob cut

If you want to dare and opt for a wild and dynamic look, then this is the best solution: the wavy and full of volume carrè, perfect for curly haired people but also good for people with straight hair.  You just need to mess up your hair to make them perfect again! Messy and fake messy will make you look wildly sexy.

And it’s not over: since summer is coming quickly, the bob cut is the easiest haircut for the hot season, since it does not require a lot of products and care. You can easily open-air dry your hair, you just need some curly hair mousse. Sun and wind will do the magic.



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